All the flavors of elegance

The flavours of a unique and elegant cuisine

If you also believe that a good day begins with a good morning, we invite you to enjoy our rich and genuine breakfast, one of our stongest points. An awakening of mind and body thanks to our breakfast, from traditional homemade pastries, fresh fruit, cold cuts and cheese, everything of high quality.

The vegetables and fruits are selected personally by Mr. Antonio: You will find on our tables fresh, local products, chosen daily from trusted greengrocers. Different fruits and vegetables are grown in garden of the house by himself and although not possessing organic label, because not intended for sale but only to the consumption of the hotel, we can ensure the authenticity, including cold pressed extra virgin olive oil produced without any pesticide. And then the jams of oranges DOP of the Gargano, annurche of apples, plums, figs and apricots that Mrs. Antonietta prepares during the year. Last but not least, the homemade cakes from Mrs. Maria, by now specialized in "diet" sweets privileging always the extra virgin olive oil instaed of butter and wisely dosing the quantities of sugar.

The lunch after breakfast is rarely requested by our guests; if you wish to relax at our pool or in our new wellness area, you can have a light lunch with dishes based on fresh products such as salads, mozzarella cheese, cold cuts and fruit. All this means that our culinary art is genuine and tasty as well as light in the tradition of Mediterranean cuisine.

Be inspired by the skilful art of Mrs Antonietta: you can watch her preparing the traditional durum wheat pasta like orecchiette and maccaroni, typical of our region to be enjoyed during our tasting dinners.

Here are some of our best shots:

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