Holidays in Safety

The hotel complies with the Puglia Region Ordinances on the measures to be taken to deal with the pandemic emergency from Covid-19.

Our staff equipped with safety devices will proceed to sanitize the room as usual with alcohol-based sanitizing products, hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorite.

The departure room are left to ventilate for at least an hour before sanitizing. Mattress covers, pillow covers and blankets are changed at every departure. Finally, ozone equipment is positioned for the minutes necessary to cover the sanitization of the entire room and subsequently aired until the arrival of the next customer who will take possession of the room independently.

The keys are not delivered to the reception.

Check in is done outdoors, the customer may not wear a mask if he guarantees at least 1.5 meters away ( better 2 meters). The temperature is detected at arrival.

Online check-in is preferred to streamline time. The data collected will also be used for electronic invoicing (LINK)

The hotel has all the information on the behavior to be adopted and the preventive measures. Breakfast is served at the table from 8 to 11, and is taken outdoors at a distance of at least 2 meters between one table and another.

The paths created allow non-proximity between one customer and another. The spacing in the pool between the sunbeds is at least 3.5 meters. A maximum of 6 people are allowed in the pool.

Swimpool cup is required.

On sale in the hotel toilet kits (gel, mask, and gloves) and swimming caps too.

We look forward to seeing you in complete safety.

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